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LT Hubert M.Haller
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LT Calipedes
LT Jones
LT Davis
LT Gaston Crawford
LTJG Larry J. Mortimer

COMINRON SEVEN, in November 1958, received the COVE (MSI 1) and in February 1959 the CAPE (MSI 2), two new prototype inshore minesweepers for evaluation. The COVE had an allowance of eighteen enlisted personnel and three officers and can remain at sea for a period of 5-7 days. The COVE participated in PACMINEX 2-59. Both vessels underwent mine countermeasures refresher training.During this period, much time was spent in the Naval Shipyard to correct design faults of these new type ships.
1963 Midpac Hawaii ,returning in November to Long Beach.

I served on the Cove with Lt. Gaston Crawford ( Cove's CO ) . He worked his way up through the ranks, having been a Boatswains Mate. Eventually, he made it possible for me to attend Hospital Corps School. I arrived and boarded the Cove as a Fireman Apprentice and was assigned to the Engine Room as an Engineman Apprentice. I did not like  confinement to the Engine Room and with the Captains approval I was  transferred to the Deck Force as a Seaman Apprentice. I passed many hours at the helm and in tight and dangerous situations I was the only one the Captain would have at the helm. I once steered a near perfect course after we picked up a diver from  a submarine who was suffering from the "bends". We took him to port in record time and he did recover. We also escorted the USS New Jersey into Long Beach before she headed into action. Captain Crawford was very strict and not one to be crossed or challenged. He was a man who lived up to his word and treated everyone fairly. Believe me, I can tell some great tales about our motley crew and all the place we sailed. Truthfully, I can honestly say that I really loved my tour of duty aboard the USS Cove.
Kind regards, HM2 John R. Jordan.

Members of the minesweeping community; The Lucid MSO-458 Foundation was formed by a group of minesweeper crewmen who served aboard US Navy MSO's. MSO's are a class of wooden hull oceangoing minesweepers that are now decommissioned and fading from public memory. The group has obtained the USS Lucid MSO-458 and has her docked at Bradford Island, California. Work has begun! The organization is restoring her and a public museum is established. The MSO is a little known and poorly documented, extremely interesting facet of Naval history. The USS Lucid Museum is dedicated to telling the story of the minesweeping men and their wooden ships, the last all wooden US Naval ships, to navigate the oceans. We will be telling the stories of Mine Recovery and UDT teams, Floating Pigs, Hammer Boxes, Magtails, Aluminum Engines and Towed Sonar. The little known stories of Contact, Magnetic and Acoustic minesweeping as well as the mystery of Magnetic Countermeasures will be told through the displays, narratives and museum media. Typhoons, tiny ships and ice-clad superstructures are only a small part of the "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" story. From sweeping the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam, observing the final Nuclear blasts on Johnston Island to sweeping the Persian Gulf, "Where the Fleet Goes, We've Been" will be clearly illustrated. Since there is no other Naval Museum that even attempts to tell the story of the MSO the USS Lucid is an important and living detail of US Naval History. First, Lucid must undergo a restoration. Previous civilian owners for commercial use have modified her. She needs hull repairs and painting and re-outfitting to be brought back to her former Naval dignity and glory. The Lucid MSO-458 Foundation has a workforce of planners, engineers and volunteer manpower who are vested and committed to this grand and worthy project. Bringing her to life is a large financial undertaking. We’re looking for tax-exempt gifts from the Military Industrial sector and individuals to help with this extremely valuable endeavor. Of course, all donors will be properly and prominently acknowledged aboard the vessel. Your donation will help preserve this vital part of Naval History. Please join us in telling the MSO story by sending a tax-exempt gift to Lucid MSO-458 Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation through our website.
W.W."Mike"Warren EN2