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Bluebird Class Motor Minesweeper: Laid down, 20 July 1953 as AMS-191 by the Quincy Adams Yacht Yard, Inc., Quincy, MA.; Launched, 24 October 1953; Commissioned USS Frigate Bird (AMS 191), 13 January 1955; Reclassified as a Coastal Minesweeper, MSC-191, 7 February 1955; Transferred to Indonesia in 1971 as Pulau Atang (M 721); Struck from the Naval Register, 1 May 1976; Disposed of through the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service for scrap, 1 September 1976.
Specifications: Displacement 290 t.; Length 144 3"'; Beam 28'; Draft 9'; Speed 13 kts; Complement 39; Armament two 20mm; Propulsion 600shp Packard diesel engines, two shafts.

Coastal minesweeper nonmagnetic construction, wooden hull and stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze engine and hull fittings.Fitted with UQS-1 sonar.  Range is 2500 miles at ten knots.

WOODEN SHIPS AND IRON MEN a book by CDR David D.Bruhn USN RET.The history of our MSO's from 1953 to 1994. To learn more about this excellent minesweeper book please visit CDR Bruhn's website at the link below.

David Bruhn

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